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Blow Molding is a manufacturing process to make hollow products (bottle) which parison is made from extrusion process who improved on mold by gas pressure. Basicly, blow molding is development from extrusion process pipe with extra mechanism mold and blowing.

Blow Molding Process:

  • Parison is extruded down between mold hollow (mold)
  • Mold is close so that parison will clamped by mold
  • Parison is blown by high pressure gas then push the plastic out to the wall of mold and match the mold hollow
  • The product has cooled and ejected from the mold.

Injection Molding is a method of forming plastic materials in which the material is melted by heating and injected by a plunger into a water-cooled mold so that it hardens into a particular product.

Design Engineering is the most important in part of industry, such as: electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, etc. And also in blow molding industry. The uniting concept of design engineering is focus on applying the process to design a new product or the process of development and modification for current product, which all the purpose is for customer’s satisfaction.

Mold is hollow for liquid material (plastic or metal) to get the preform. Mold have 2 part of plate, moveable plate and stationary plate. According to the name, moveable plate is pairing on moveable platen in injection molding machine and stationary plate is pairing on stationary platen. In the mold there are cooling line. Mold have difficult construction where the production is need machines with high precision such as CNC and EDM.Kyoraku Blowmolding Indonesia have 2 kind of mold, extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding.

After finished molding process, next is sanding process. In this process, finished product is sanding for softness, especially on body and each corners. Sanding have 2 kind of process, katatogi and suiken. Katatogi is dried sanding which first step, and after that is process in suiken. Suiken is wet sending which use water in the process, because dust from katatogi still there and also for the best result, cleaner and smoother. After sanding process has finished, next is verification process for sanding result.


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